Collaborative Editing and File Synchronizing Solutions

DejaEdit is a ground-breaking film tool that allows editors and operators to collaborate between multiple remote Avid editing platforms. It ensures that media and timelines created or imported in one connected system are shared and mirrored to the local or network storage of other connected systems. This takes place automatically, quickly and securely in the background, using an internet connection. Although it is not necessary to be online continuously.



DejaEdit is a remote editing software platform for Avid Media Composer that allows you to be located anywhere in the world. Read more!

DejaEdit consists of a host of remarkable features such as:

  • Bin and media sharing from within AVID MediaComposer
  • Secure transfers and high-speed servers

  • Encrypted media on server
  • Accelerated File sharing from onset to editors

  • Automatic project backups

  • Easy setup, no file management required
  • Works worldwide, even when you are offline

  • And much more…

Connect up to 20 Editors, 4 Assistants, 3 VFX houses, 1 DIT and an Avid Nexis to the same project and you can work seamlessly together from within AVID Media Composer.


Edited with DejaEdit:


DejaEdit is a remote editing system for Avid Media Composer which allows you to sit anywhere in the world. Read more!

Connect up to 20 Editors, 4 Assistants, 3 VFX houses, 1 DIT and an AVID Nexis to the same project and you can work seamlesly together from within AVID Media Composer.


  • “DejaEdit is a game changer that improves the whole editing process.”

    Producer, B.Academy
  • “DejaEdit is a revolutionary film tool that should be included in every production as industry standard.”

    Post Producer
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Share Bins and Timelines in Media Composer

DejaEdit is a collaborative editing solution for Avid Media Composer, Avid Nexis and EditShare. Media and timelines are automatically transferred between you and your co-workers around the world without the need to be online all the time.
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Encrypted and Secure

All connections and transfers are encrypted over HTTPS. Licenses can be locked to Trusted Computers using UUID only allowing certain computers into the network.

The media files are encrypted with a unique 256-bit AES DejaEdit project key before they are sent to the media server. You can also use your own S3 bucket or Azure container for media transfers for maximum freedom!
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Automated Media Sharing

All media, whether it’s source video from set or music imported by an editor, is automatically distributed to all other users in the project. With DejaEdit’s support you will never worry about media offline ever again!
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World-wide editing

Users can edit at their studio, from home or even at the North Pole if they want to. Bins, timelines and media are always stored on the editors video drive.
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