About DejaEdit

DejaEdit is a revolutionary film tool that enables editors and operators to collaborate between multiple remote Avid editing platforms. It ensures that media and timelines created or imported in one connected system are shared and mirrored to the local or network storage of other connected systems. This takes place automatically, quickly and securely in the background, using an internet connection. Although it is not necessary to be online continuously.

Applications include allowing multiple remote editors to work together on a single project, or speeding up file exchanges between location-based editors, DITs, and VFX houses, or allowing projects to be accessed anywhere and anytime, while maintaining a robust and up-to-date local copy of all required media files.

There are three DejaEdit applications, DejaEdit-Client, DejaEdit-Nexus and DejaEdit-Manager.


DejaEdit-Client applies to edit stations located anywhere in the world. Editors can collaborate with the same media files and can share bins with one another.

DejaEdit-Client is scalable on up to 20 edit stations, 4 assistant stations, 3 VFX stations and one DIT station.

DejaEdit-Client provides for 6 types of users outlined as follows:

  • The DIT user – situated on set and ingests all rushes into the system.

  • Master Editor user – for ‘Editor only’ projects, where there is no DIT user. This user ingests the rushes into the system but is also an editor on the project.

  • Master Assistant user – for ‘Editor only’ projects, where there is no DIT user. This user ingests the rushes into the system but is also an assistant on the project.

  • Editor user – an editor on the project.

  • Assistant user – works as an editing assistant on the project and prepares bins for the editors.

  • VFX user – • located at a VFX company and can create EDLs for pulls, export reference files and so forth. This user can also ingest VFX previews and send them to the editors working on the project.


With DejaEdit-Nexus allows you to connect an Avid Nexis* to the DejaEdit workflow. DejaEdit-Nexus is installed on a Mac, which is also connected to an Avid Nexis.

The Mac does not a require for Avid Media Composer to be installed – only the Avid Nexis Client Manager** software is required, so that it can be connected to the Avid Nexis*.

Editing stations connected to the Avid Nexis* do not need any additional software installed, and only require Avid Media Composer. These can both operate on Mac and Windows.



DejaEdit-Manager is a brand new feature in DejaEdit 3, designed especially with the post production supervisor in mind.

DejaEdit Manager provides the post supervisor with the capability to control both the workflow and the security of sharing sessions.

The post supervisor is able to lock certain DejaEdit licenses to the unique ID (UUID) of a given computer to protect assets from being shared to unauthorised systems. For example, the post supervisor can lock license keys to certain computers and control which folders each DejaEdit-Client or DejaEdit-Nexus may share, including downloading project backups made by the editors.

The post supervisor can also use DejaEdit Manager to control which folders each edit station can share. Apart from adding a higher level of security, this new feature also allows a supervisor to efficiently divide the workload by granting an editor access to only the material they need for their specific part of the project.

Additionally, DejaEdit Manager allows the supervisor to access the project backups made by editors.

Although DejaEdit-Manager is not a compulsory requirement to run DejaEdit, it is recommended as it allows for additional security and manages disk space for larger projects.

Cloud Servers

Meta data such as shared bins and backups are stored on our Cloud, which uses Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. You have the option to use your own Cloud storage via Amazon Web Services S3, Backblaze B2 or Microsoft Azure. This enables you to take ownership over the whole sharing operation. This means that you have greater flexibility to choose a Cloud server that is nearest to your location which will provides the best service in terms of speed, reliability, and security that Amazon AWS, Backblaze and Azure are trusted to deliver.

Another option for the Media Server is MinIO (, which is an open source Object Server, which you can run in-house on a Linux, Mac or Windows server. It’s also available for Docker. This way you can keep cost down. Be aware that the internet speed connected to the server can create a bottleneck.

Avid Media Composer and Avid Nexis are registered trademarks of Avid Technologies Inc.
Editshare is owned by Editshare, Llc.
Amazon s3 is owned by, Inc.
Wasabi hot cloud storage is owned by Wasabi technologies, Inc.
Backblaze is owned by Backblaze, Inc.
Microsoft Azure is owned by Microsoft Corporation

NEW IN 3.x:

  • Option to use your own Cloud Server account for media storage
  • Encrypted media on server
  • Upgraded Private and Public bin sharing
  • Enhanced Folder support
  • Notification for new / updated bins
  • DejaEdit-Manager feature
  • Ability to lock the license key to one or more computers UUID
  • Partial media download for each editor

“…DejaSoft’s DejaEdit…works to synchronize media and projects in the background around the world, much like Dropbox™ on steroids.”

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