Licensing rates

DejaSoft offers DejaEdit licensing rates with a flexible pricing structure to suit all production budgets.

Taking into consideration that DejaEdit is project-based, each user will only require one license which is valued to cover one editing week at a time. It is also possible to pause the license, so that you only need to pay for the weeks when it was utilized.


€89 / user / week

License for user types: Editors, Assistants, VFX Companies
and the DIT.




€129 / week

Connect your Avid Nexis to the DejaEdit workflow.
(unlimited users on Avid Nexis)

Advanced Management

€99 / project

Using DejaEdit-Manager you can:
Manage media folders and ranges.
Lock license keys to UUID.
Download Avid project backups.

Cloud storage provided by DejaSoft


We provide you with a quote depending on storage size, number of clients and duration. Or you can store your media in your own bucket / container (AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, MinIO or Azure).



We recommend training on the first project.
This includes 2 hours of online training.

Workflow consultation


This includes 2 hours of workflow consultation, so that you can integrate DejaEdit in the most effective way within your current workflow.


For larger projects or yearly contracts please contact